Comments from Workshop Participants

kebab night, sapanca workshop, sapanca, turkey sep 2013

“I feel that I have more than a dozen new friends, with whom I could easily pick up again and enjoy further culinary and photographic adventures.  It was an unbelievable combination of great people, a great place and unbelievable things to do together!” HB, Maine, USA

“Cooking and shooting with like-minded people – it could not have got better than this. Thanks much Olga and David for putting it together.” SG, Singapore

“Tell you what, a market visit won’t be the same again!” IG, Cape Town, South Africa

“It was a happy and delicious week cooking, eating, and photographing. The workshop was a great success as far as I was concerned. Thank you so much, Olga and David, as well as others contributing to an amazing experience.” BB, Maine, USA

“I feel I’ve taken a lot from the trip, and not just in the kilos of pepper flakes and helva in my suitcase! I’ve learnt a lot, especially about food photography. I feel inspired. Inspired to learn more about Turkish cooking and take more food photos…It’s been such pleasure to be in the company of like-minded people, i.e. food and photography nutters.” AMS, Oxford UK

Sapanca_Turkey_Workshop (5)

Several workshop participants wrote about their experience:

Jenny Freedman, A Taste of Travel

Megan Tasker, a traveling yoga teacher from Canada.

Hugh Blackmer, oookblog2

Cooking instructor Olga wrote about the workshop here; read photography instructor David’s thoughts and view a slideshow of images by workshop participants here.

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